Applied Moulding

Our Applied Moulding Doors are by far our most elaborate and demanding to make.These styles take one back to the days of old when hand-crafted architectural features were the norm, creating a multi-dimensional look, playing with light and shadow, form and function.

Cope & Stick

Our Cope & Stick line of cabinet doors is the most widely used. Its construction style and classic design will give any room a traditional look. The versatility of the Cope & Stick type of frame integration allows for many different and unique designs and patterns. The Cope & Stick line comes in either raised panel or inset panel.


Mitered doors are special in their own right. We use blind mortise and tenon mitered joints to create this door of elegant beauty and strength. Cimino’s uses state-of-the-art machinery to construct the many styles available. One of the great advantages of the mitered doors is its wide variety of profiles and panels

Specialty Items

Cimino’s gives you a choice of glass doors crafted to complement every frame style in our line. Glass doors are becoming widely used in today’s kitchens, creating a more open and inviting look.


Uncompromising craftsmanship in custom, solid wood, cabinet doors


Inspections and sorting are performed to ensure color and consistency.


State of the art equipment is used to construct our mitered doors.



Cimino’s Cabinet Doors was founded in 1978 in a tiny shop in Soquel, California. The only door produced at that time was the “Back Panel” door on a lonely shaper machine. Today, as one of California’s premier cabinet door manufacturers, we have over 100 styles made from a variety of hand selected woods.

The Cimino Family has nearly half a century of woodworking experience. These skills are taught to only a select group of apprentices. Our fine line of custom doors comes from these true craftsmen. They work together with pride producing one of the highest quality products available. industry. We let our quality and dependability speak for themselves.



Beautiful results start with our stringent guidelines.


Once the panels are cut they are glued and clamped.


Precision cutting for panels ensure exact size and fit.


Each piece is sent by conveyor to match up for assembly.


Double-end tenoner squares up the doors and custom shapes the edges.


They are then sanded to a smooth finish and inspected for shipping.